What’s the best place to visit during Thanksgiving?

San Diego is expected to be the second most visited destination among Thanksgiving weekend travelers.San Diego is expected to be the No. 2 destination among the 3.3 million Southern Californians getting away for the Thanksgiving holiday, reports the Automobile Club.

A survey of the Auto Club’s AAA travel agents found that the top destination for travelers will be Las Vegas. Rounding out the list are San Francisco, the Grand Canyon and Anaheim (Disneyland)

The Auto Club of Southern California points out that unlike other holidays this year, Thanksgiving will be the only one that should see an increase in the number of people leaving town compared to 2010.

The number of Southland residents expected to take Thanksgiving weekend vacations is expected to increase by 4.1 percent over last year to 3.3 million people. The vast majority of those will travel by car, although 386,000 will fly, a nearly 2 percent increase over 2010.

The Auto Club forecasted declines in travel this year for the Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day holidays.

“Many Southland residents continue to have financial concerns, but more people have decided this year that despite those concerns, they will celebrate Thanksgiving with a vacation to create lasting memories with family and friends,” said Filomena Andre, the Auto Club’s vice president for travel. “Those who have put off vacations all year, or maybe for a couple of years, are realizing they need to get away and they are finding ways to do it even on a tight budget.”

Thanksgiving travel among Southern Californians fell 26 percent between 2007 and 2008, slid another two percent in 2009 and by last year, it increased 10.4 percent to 3.2 million Southern Californians.

Statewide, 5.3 million travelers are expected to travel over the holiday weekend, also a 4.1 percent increase over last year.

A word of advice from the Auto Club: Avoid traffic by trying to pick an off-peak travel time. Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and evening will likely be the most congested period for outbound traffic, and Sunday afternoon and evening will likely be busy for returning traffic, says the Auto Club.