Taste Of The Himalayas

Point Loma

3185 Midway Dr
Ph (619) 866-6922
San Diego, CA 92110
$10-15 per entree

Welcome to Taste of Himalayas Restaurant, which conveniently located in the heart of  Midway district San Diego. We are pleased to introduce all of you a new taste in town which is reflection of unique and authentic finest cuisines from Himalayan country of Nepal and India. The finest of Nepalese and Indians cuisines are rich and diverse. Using the finest vegetables, meats and seafoods which are fully flavored with fancy spices and modest herbs combine to provide a culinary experience to all of our guests.

The hospitality of the Nepalese and Indians is legendary. In Sanskrit literature, the famous words “Atithi Devo Bhavah” or “the guest is truly your god” is a motto of Nepalese and Indian hospitality. Nepalese and Indians believe that they are honored if they share their meal times with guests. Nepalese and Indians are known for their incredible ability to serve food to their guests very warmly .We are trying to prepare all the dishes to meet your taste preference, our menu consist of food originated from different parts of Nepal and India. We hope and trust that you will enjoy the taste from Himalayan countries of Nepal and India with majestic atmosphere and experience the difference. Delicious, creative and healthy food is our commitment to our society.