SSU Degree Program

“A Short Term Investment, For A Long Term Success”

Southern States University (SSU) was founded in Orange County, California in 1983, and received a grant of national accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools in 2010. With four campuses in San Diego and one in Newport Beach, California, SSU educates business-oriented professionals from around the world. The University offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree programs, an Intensive English Program (18+ hours per week) and certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Professional Certificate).

Under new ownership, the University started its business degree and Intensive English programs at its Newport Beach campus in 2006, and today enrollment at SSU has surpassed 650, with additional campus locations added over the past three years in Mission Valley, La Jolla, Pacific Beach and San Marcos.

The University’s affordable tuition and monthly payment plans put higher education within reach of many students who otherwise could not afford it. Tuition at SSU is far lower per unit than at most other institutions offering MBA and BBA programs, and tuition pricing is the same for California residents, non-California residents and international students.

Graduate Program – Master of Business Administration

SSU’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program graduates gain the knowledge and skills necessary to progress, and promote their advancement on the corporate fast track.  SSU’s MBA program is also designed to enhance the qualifications and experience of those already in the business world. Combining theory and case studies with real-life business applications, SSU’s coursework is structured to meet the special needs and tight work schedules of mid-level and senior executives. Courses are offered weekday evenings, and Saturday mornings and afternoons.  Students actively enrolled in SSU’s MBA program may take one to four classes per quarter; a schedule of two classes (8 units) per quarter is typical. Students on F-1 student visas must take a minimum of 8 units per quarter. Most classes are 4 units and include 40 hours of instruction.

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Undergraduate Program – Bachelor of Business Administration

Jump start your road to financial success in the business world with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Southern States University. This four year program provides students with an enriching and stimulating academic background, as well as with extensive hands-on experience necessary to succeed in today’s challenging business and corporate marketplace. The focus of this program is two-fold, combining a well-rounded liberal arts education with solid business fundamentals, principles and experience.  Requiring successful completion of 180 Quarter Credits, the BBA degree gives students a strong academic foundation through general education and pre-requisite courses combined with upper division courses designed to be on the cutting edge of today’s business needs. The aim of this program is to give graduates the best opportunity to succeed in the business world by providing students with a stimulating learning environment, quality instruction and a focus on interaction with their peers. For students wishing to pursue an advanced degree after completing the Bachelor of Business Administration, Southern States University offers the ability to transfer from the BBA degree into the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree program. This program gives the student the opportunity to continue his/her education, and can be a valuable asset in securing rewarding employment, or advancing in a current position. Students in the BBA program are required to take a minimum of 12 units per quarter. Most classes are 4.5 units and include 40 hours of classroom instruction. SSU currently offers a Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing Specialization.

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