Southcoast WindAnSea Surf Shop

South Coast WindAnSea

740 Felspar St
San Diego, CA 92109
Ph (858) 483-7660

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In late ’91 I struck up a conversation with Rob Ard, who owns and runs the best surf shops in OB. He was closing down his inland store and wanted to concentrate his interest back in the beach areas. We struck up a test market plan where I would market and sell South Coast Surfboards and clothing in Pacific Beach to see if there

was a market for his product. After a trial period time of approximately a year and a half a plan was made to partner up with one of Rob’s old managers, Erich Tramonti, and turn Windansea Beach an Surf into SOUTH COAST WINDANSEA. And that is where I stand today. About 39 years later I continue to make sure that I always have the best equipment available. My commitment to surfing has never been stronger. On a daily basis I continue to met new people and learn more about the business as to always stay a foot or two ahead of all the other guys out there. -Bird



The History

Since 1974, South Coast Surf Shop has emerged as one of Southern California’s premier surf shops. The shop is located in Ocean BeachCalifornia, a half a block from the famous Ocean Beach Pier.
Here You will find custom surfboards, a huge wetsuit selection, and the latest in surf accessories and also surf inspired clothing and accessories.South Coast Surf Shop was instrumental in introducing and legitimizing brands such as Quiksilver, Billabong so you can be sure to find the finest selection of all your favorite brands as well as new looks from brands that are new to the surf industry.

Surfboard Tradition

Every South Coast Surfboard is a product of years of shaping and glassing experience. All models have been team tested and refined through customer feedback in our own retail surf shops. The surfboards displayed on their website represent only a small sampling of the most popular shapes and graphics available. Custom orders are our specialty.

We devote time to design a custom board to meet your requirements considering elements like experience level, your surfing locality and seasonal changes. South Coast’s head shapers, Robin Prodanovich and Larry Ricci, bring years of shaping experience and a long standing affiliation to South Coast, providing constant evolution and innovation to each design. All Boards are glassed to stringent quality standards for maximum durability and function.