Sharendo “The World is Sharing”


What is Sharendo?  is a new, free project that offers all the common tasks of a classifieds network, mixed with a more social networking approach: it is exclusively based on sharing.  With Sharendo you can make new friends who are seeking or offering shared houses or shared rooms, couchsurfing, carsharing, house swap, shared trips, group travels, jobs patnerships, a companion or investor for a business or a new project. Possibilities are endless and there is really no limit to what you can share with Sharendo.

The Website is clean and easy to use, you do not need to sign up to be able to see other members posting, just click “Browse recent listing” and a page with the latest posts will open and to easy things up a search bar with many options is located on the left side of the page so you can set up your search based on your needing.

To be able to publish an ad you will need to sign up with Sharendo by creating your personal account or just  by simply connecting your facebook account with Sharendo. The application is pretty cool they just ask you for you basic info and email address nothing more of what any website out there would ask you.  I personally like this last part because i have a problem with applications asking me  all the time if they can post their stuff on my wall or read my emails…hell no! why should you read my emails? I just wanted to say thank you Sharendo for not asking me if you can read my emails!

 In Conclusion if you need something and you know you will need someone else help to get it, make it or share it well now you know what’s that place called “The World is Sharing”