Salmon w/ mushrooms

Salmon W/ mushrooms, six grains rice and cranberry feta salad

The plate is ready - Salmon w/ mushrooms

by Gianluca Petrini 
Total time: 30  Min    serving: 2

Six grains rice
Feta cheese

The preparation for this plate is pretty simple and quick. Let’s see  how to prepare this awesome dish. You will need to get these ingredients on top first

salmon w/ mushroom

How to prepare it
Before starting you want to have onions, mushrooms and Italian parsley chopped ready to use.

First off take a pan and heat some extra virgin olive oil, wait 2 or 3 minutes and by the time the oil is hot lay down the Salmon steak facing  the skin down , heat it up on over high heating for at least 30 seconds to let the skin burn a little bit and create a skinny crust, after that bring the heat back to medium.

 When the onions are ready add some warm water and cover the pan so the salmon can steam gradually for at least 20 minutes on low heat …and you are done, your plate is ready!

As we can see in the picture on top our friend added some  good sides that matched perfectly with the dish:

– Six Granes Rice (boil for 12 min)
– Cranberries Feta Cheese Salad

Have fun and try it at home it is easy to make  healthy and only takes 30 minutes with the preparation.
Good luck! 

 Article by N S.