Brazilian Market&Restaurants in San Diego

Brazil By the Bay

3770 Hancock St # G
San Diego, CA 92110-4327
Ph (619) 692-1410

Welcome to Brazil by the Bay!

Located right behind Sports Arena in Point Loma. Our menu goes from the trivial P.F. ( Prato Feito) with rice, beans and your favorite choice of grilled beef, chicken or fish, to coxinhas, kibes, pasteis and delicious  Tri-Tip dinner. Affordable prices and fun atmosphere with several TV’s showing sports and brazilian television. The restaurant  also offers an out side wood deck with views of the Sports Arena and Live Brazilian music.

We also serve American food such as hamburgers, fries and sandwiches. We provide catering services for all occasions such as weddings and special events, office or private parties.

“Brazil by the Bay” brings to America the tasty way to prepare barbeque, exotic flavors of tropical fruits, salads, appetizers and drinks.

All over the US Americans have been tasting and approving the Brazilian Style BBQ, prepared with simple spices and rocks salt makes the perfect combination to bring out the best flavor of meats.
When catering, we serve the BBQ continuously, so the meat is always fresh and hot off the grill. Come by to try our food or just stop by for a beer !

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Rei Do Gado

939 4th Ave
San Diego, California 92101

Ph (619) 702-8464

Rei Do Gado The King of the Herd

The Churrasco, Brazilian barbeque is a traditional feast that has been celebrated in Brazil for centuries. The origin of feast is from the southern regions of Brazil called Rio Grande do Sul where most meat productions are from. The Gauchos, Brazilian cowboys, usually cook the meats with skewers slowly roasting in the heat. All the meats were marinated with simple seasoning and served with salads, Brazilian rice and beans. The best-roasted meats were shared around to each family.

Now you can enjoy the same types of Churrasco in San Diego, CA. There are more than 40 different salads, side dishes, and meat selections served at Rei Do Gado Brazilian Steak House. It is a unique and healthy way of roasting meat over a mesquite flame that preserves tenderness and gives a taste unmatched by any other.

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