Top Ten Outdoor Fitness Activities

 Top Ten Outdoor Fitness Activities

Summer is almost here, and that means we’re on a mission to get fit and toned to look our best on the flawless beaches in San Diego. Did someone say pool party season?  

The best part about San Diego’s climate is that we don’t have to confine ourselves to the same gym routineevery week. The city boasts an endless amount of local activities, and we’ve scoped out some of the most exhilerating outdoor workouts that will have you burning calories in no time. From hiking and surfing to biking and bootcamp, discover the top ten activities for outdoor fitness in San Diego.


Hiking: Hiking is as popular as ever for a kickass workout and fun with friends, and San Diego flaunts beautiful hike routes from the ocean to the mountains. From social, casual hikes to the monster mountains, San Diego’s terrain gives a “natural” way of toning and taking your workout to the next level. Torrey Pines is an ideal place to catch up with friends under the sun, with grandiose views of the ocean and the reserve’s surrounding wildlife. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Three Sister Falls mountain trail is not for the faint-hearted. Check out more of the best San Diego hiking trails.


Surf SpotsSan Elijo and La Jolla Shores beaches are known local spots for beginning surfers, where the waves are mellow and a bit more choppy than other parts of the San Diego coastline. The end of spring is known for smaller waves, and a great time for novices to hop on a board and get out in the waves. Bird Rock just north of Pacific Beach and south of La Jolla poses some of the most famous waves in San Diego, as well as Swami’s in South Encinitas, located below the pristine cliffs. Both spots have been local treasures to San Diego residents for years. Interested in surf lessons? Surf Diva Surf School in downtown La Jolla is a great resource for gear and those interested in learning! Check out


Kayaking: If you want to workout and feel a rush at the same time, La Jolla Kayak offers some awe-inspiring kayak tours just north of the La Jolla Cove. While you soar through the sea, interact with seals, pelicans, and beautiful grottos. Lucky kayakers have even been known to catch glimpses of whales and dolphins. Tours last from 45 minutes to an hour and provide a killer upper body workout. If you’re itching to get out on the waters on your own, renting kayaks is easy where ever there is water in San Diego. Top rentals include Coronado Boat Rentals, Cheap Rentals Mission Beach, and Mission Bay Rentals.



Outdoor BootcampsCalling all downtown locals: did you know that the San Diego Convention Center has an infamous stretch of stairs used for personal outdoor workouts? Imagine climbing a mountain of stairs to a dazzling view of the San Diego Bay. For more inspiration than a view to get yourself out of the house, have no fear: Bootique Fitness is coming to your rescue. Bootique uses the Convention Center’s easily accessible stairs to conduct a full-blown bootcamp class, AND you can get $5 classes to tone your entire body plus a mega cardiovascular workout. Check out the bootcamp website for more info at


Urban Biking: A good bike ride to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping can be therapy to any stale workout regimen. The good news is that there are many scenic routes to choose from in San Diego. For a relaxing joyride that will help you unwind at the end of your day, the route around Mission Bay is an ideal course. While the peaceful waters of the Bay allow for easy relaxation, the community based location is also fun for people watching. If you’re ready to kick things up, Mt. Soledad offers one of the steepest slopes in San Diego, yet most rewarding, complete with an astonishing view of the city. With various routes to the mountain top from Pacific Beach and La Jolla, this is a top pick, challenging action-packed ride.


Mountain Biking: Want to get your tires dirty? Roughing it with bike trails can be an exhilarating experience. Head to Noble Canyon, located in the southern most part of the Cleveland National Forest off of Interstate 8 east. This is considered to be one of Southern California’s best trails for experienced bikers, with three distinct ecosystems and advanced obstacles. If you’re not quite an expert rider don’t worry – there are many other locations to take advantage of some great outdoor bike trails in San Diego. Lake Hodges just south of Escondido off of Interstate 15 offers fun trails with little to worry about. For more information on mountain biking in San Diego, visit


Snorkeling: An underwater workout is the definition of exercise done with a San Diego spin. Snorkeling is a wet and wild way to get in shape, and it doesn’t hurt when you’re exploring a whole new underwater world. La Jolla is the most popular place to snorkel in San Diego, because it’s actually part of a wildlife preserve that is home to various species of endangered fish. Swimming is a proven workout solution for all of your muscle systems, great for your heart, and easy on your joints. Snorkel on your own, or you can actually sign up for snorkeling tours at La Jolla Kayak. Find more information at


Kite Boarding: Kite boarding is the extreme way to get a water workout in San Diego. Perfect on days with a light breeze, kite boarding is an exhilarating experience for anyone with an abundance of energy looking to put their body to work outdoors. This activity is not for those looking to mellow out- it is an action packed and intense workout that will leave your muscles sore and have you coming back for more. Popular places for kite boarding in San Diego are Shelter Island, Mission Bay, Sail Bay, and Silver Strand Beach on Coronado. For more information about kite boarding lessons, check out 


Rock Climbing: Rock climbing indoors and outdoors has flourished in San Diego and there are ample locations to get started. From the Carlsbad boulders to a man-made Point Loma rock wall, various avenues provide locals with a good solid climb. Indoor locations are also popular, and are the smart choice for beginning climbers getting used to the feel of climbing and assessing difficulty in a safe environment. Facilities like The Solid Rock Gym with three local locations and The Vertical Hold have been turning out new climbing aficionados for years.


Outdoor Yoga: While yoga is always inspiring, a little outdoor action takes your Namaste for a refreshing dip. It’s true – with San Diego’s outdoor meetups, you can attend classes on a donation basis by visiting Imagine waking up to practice your poses on a sandy beach or in a beautiful water garden. Feel the earth beneath your feet as you connect to your inner strength, core power, and the world around you. Check out more of our favorite San Diego Yoga studios